40% Hearing Loss Restored A Year After Accident


Over a year ago, a freak accident left me with 40% hearing loss in my left ear, after a wrong diagnosis, I was referred to Dr. David Haynes at Vanderbilt, who correctly diagnosed me. I was the 2nd patient he had ever seen with this condition (the malleus bone broke, and surgery twas too risky to attempt in this case). The bottom line is, this was no solution medically. It was a permanent issue I just had to learn to live with. he even consulted a colleague at the May Clinic because it was such a crazy case. They agreed - nothing could be done. 

I pray for a miracle with Audrey, and I didn't get it. I haven't prayed for one since because my heart was so wounded. A few months ago, the Lord prompted me to do exactly that, and today I cried in a hospital room as he stared at me, dumbfounded by the fact that my hearing has miraculously returned to a normal level. He looked in my left ear and said, "wait, which side was the bad one?" I will never forget his face when he asked, "What have you done in the last few months so I can explain this to my colleagues?" I replied, "I prayed." Maybe you needed to be reminded (as I did) that we serve a God who is still in the miracle business...

- Angie Smith

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