Tea with Iraqi Mafia Bosses


I was at a coffee shop spending time with God this morning with no plans or agenda when Joshua (the man on my right in the pic) came up to me and asked if I was a Christian. He said God told him to come and meet me there today! Joshua is an amazing man and a crazy evangelist who literally only speaks English because God supernaturally gave him that language when he got baptized in the Holy Spirit!! We met up with my sister and started sharing Jesus with people on the streets. We ended up in a very very dangerous area of Athens run by the Iraqi mafia. I got a word for an Iraqi Muslim guy that he was the oldest of many brothers and that his mom just passed away. He was in shock and it got his attention so we got to pray and encourage him. He so enjoyed the presence of God that he came up to me multiple times to pray for him to feel God's love! Then we prayed for the gypsy man (in the picture) with a broken arm that was literally flopping around out of place and he got healed in front of a large crowd of muslims/ Iraqi mafia members that run the businesses, drugs, prostitution, etc in the whole area. Then someone kindly invited us to get a drink and talk to them in a private area after seeing that. He then brought us to the main leaders of their mafia gang who were both about 75 years old and we got to share with them about the forgiveness of God as we drank tea together!! I got a word that he had problems with his left ear and he told me that he just went to the doctor for it today! We got to pray and share the love Jesus with the Iraqi mafia for about 3 hours as they continuously showered us with free things and gifts from their shops. They would gather around us as we prayed and prophecied over each of them. Everyday with Jesus is such a crazy adventure you literally never know what's going to happen next! He is so much fun and His love knows no boundaries!!

-Ryan Lupton
Athens, Greece