Why God Hasn't Directed You In A While


I'm a big fan of Google Maps and Siri. I've actually set her to have a British accent so I can feel like James Bond as I drive. It's awesome. I typically respond in my Bond accent too... as long as my shades are on. Recently, I punched in the address and rolled on...and spaced out for an undisclosed amount of time. When I came back to I panicked, in the same way I do when I wake up from a nap - not realizing where I am or how I got there. Did I miss my turn? I looked down at my phone - continue for 8.2 more miles . I still had a ways to go. 

I started thinking how I appreciated SIRI's programming. When you're in a city with many tight turns she tells you "In 200 feet, turn right. Then take the next left." You get a play by play as you weave in-and-out of lanes and streets like you're chasing the mouse through the maze. Every 20 seconds, she's giving you a heads up.

On longer stretches, Siri will say "Stay on I-5 for 48 miles" and then go quiet for the next 46 miles and I am very thankful for that silence. Can you imagine how many people would throw Siri out the window if she said "Continue straight for 48 miles....Continue straight for 47 miles.... Continue straight for 46 miles... Continue straight for...(out the window she goes)." Siri knows you're going to be on this road a while; therefore, she doesn't keep telling you to keep doing what you're doing. You can pretty much assume, when it's time to turn - she'll let you know. 

Oh snap. That hit me.

Yes, there are those people who don't stop to listen to what God's saying; but what about those of us who are leaning in so far we've fallen out of our chair and .... nothing. God seems to be silent. Perhaps, God works a bit like Siri. 

There are seasons in life when there is lots of transition and movement. You feel God close and hear Him giving you the step-by-step / play-by-play. Meet with this person. Fill out this application. Go to this place. Move to this city. Look for this type of job. We hear God as we zig-zag through our current stage of the maze, I mean, "life journey."

Then, there are seasons where we think "Why isn't God talking? Why isn't He directing me like He used to? Am I not listening? Is there sin in my life? Did I miss it? Did I miss God? Does He care? What is going on?!" In reality, we're still doing what He last said. We're continuing on the route for another 6-9 more months before another turn is needed.

Someone at my church wisely phrased it this way:

@@If you can’t hear what God’s telling you to do, then go back to the last thing He told you to do...and keep doing that.@@

Keep on keeping on. God is really good at getting you where you need to be. Although Siri won't verbally confirm you're on the right track when you ask, God doesn't mind confirming you're on the right track but just have a ways to go. Many times I find that if He's not talking on a subject, it's because I'm going the right direction and doing the right thing. There's no need to correct the right path. If you don't remember what the last thing He said was, read your journal, or FB posts or just ask. He's pretty kind about confirming.

Other great prayers to talk to God about instead: 

  • How am I doing with the last thing You told me? 
  • Is there anything new I need to know about this direction/ task/ assignment? 
  • Can you help me know when this season/task is finished and we're doing something new? 
  • Please give me strength and motivation do the thing you last told me. 

Overall, it's about learning to do life with God.  He's not someone who's worried or anxious about your next season. He's REALLY good about getting you where you need to be. Even if you did miss it, He's really good at rerouting you to where you need to be.