Get $5 for using an app you're about to use anyway

I hardly every carry cash on me anymore because I always use my card. But then there comes the times when I split food with someone or need to pay gas money for a trip we took. #shamelessplug Square Cash app (or the Cash App) basically just lets me type in the amount of money I owe someone $2 or $200 and send it from my bank account to theirs WITHOUT a processing fee. It was made by Square (the guys who made the card reader for your phone) and is top of the line secure. 

Here's the other cool thing - if you click this link on your phone and sign up and use it -we both get $5. I'm always down for $5 and thought you probably would be too. I think the app is super handy and tell people about it all the time, but if I'm were both gonna get $5 from it then absolutely. Plus, if you're one of the first of your friend group to use it then you can get all of your posse on there and get $5 from each of them. It's not a long complicated set up process and you'll actually use this all the time.