The Struggle of Freedom

STruggle of Freedeom Banner.jpg

God is really dedicated to our freedom. Really dedicated. To our wholehearted freedom.

I used to think that I was free because I wasn't addicted to porn, alcohol, or cigarets. Then, God pointed the crosshairs at perfectionism. Then performance. Then self-hatred. Then comparison. Then the fear of what others think. Then hopelessness. Then low expectations. Soon to follow was bitterness, past hurts, settling for less, loneliness, insecurity, fear, my inexperience of unconditional love or glistening hope or overflowing contagious joy. Any area of my heart that was not alive in thriving was on the list. He is relentless

Any lie. Any hurt. Any idea in our life that does not result in unhindered abundant life will be removed from our life. I'm not talking about just the large ticket items, I'm talking about any trace that prevents or slows down His love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness and self control from consuming your life to the point of contagious overflow. If that seems excessive and lofty, then it's an accurate description of what Christ paid for on the cross. Would the rich blood of the King of Heaven warrant anything less in return? 

With His final words, "it is finished" Jesus exhaled and snapped the neck of darkness and it's affects on our lives and our world. He then went into Hell itself and beat the devil with his own chains he used to imprison His loved ones with. He kicked down death's front door, walking out victoriously with power, authority, fullness of life to give this Life He has taken back to you. Jesus states "I have come to give you life and life abundantly."*  The life He has, He has given to us.**

Life cannot be had or experienced without freedom. Unhindered freedom. "It's for freedom, you've been set not get caught up in slavery again."*** The purpose of your freedom is that you would be free. Whole hearted, unhindered, freedom.

Let's look at it this way - How could God, who didn't even hold back His own Son from death so that we could be free, not freely give us all things?**** 

That is wonderful. Sometimes I feel pretty worn out by the struggle though. He is relentless for our complete freedom, but sometimes I want to relent. I'm ready to throw in the towel and say this is good enough. I'm really happy here. I feel really free. Then He looks at me with that gleam in His eye as if to say "you have no idea what's left."

We want to skip the struggle, but God is more committed to our wholehearted freedom than our safe captivity. Like a bird struggling to break through the shell of the egg around it, we are constantly pushing beyond our hurts and lies to find freedom. Never abandoned, the mama waits eagerly on the other side encouraging, preparing, and knowing it’s the strength formed in the struggle that actually allows the baby to fly.

*John 10:10
** 1 Corinthians 5:21, Proverbs 10:16
*** Galatians 5:1
****Romans 8:32