I was once considered: 

a student
a teacher
a web & graphic designer
a missionary
a leader
a preacher
a photographer & filmmaker
a customer service employee
a social media "expert"
a writer
an athlete
a traveler & vagrant
a bum and a workaholic

I have been:

in West Virginia
in China
in California
and a myriad of other places for less than a few months
in small Southern Baptist Churches
in large Charismatic megachurches
in mid-sized non-denominational churches in between
my own worst critic
a slave driver to my own soul
religious though I'm trying to shake the habit
humbled by atheists and Christians
encouraged by the power of hope in the dying
surprised by God when I thought I had raised the bar too high

I have:

1 brother - 1 sister-in-law - 1 nephew
2 parents who live in WV
4 grandparents who are with Jesus
a few hundred friends who tend to change the world
a few hundred students that I love in China
a collection of collections that won't impress most
a 1972 Zinc Yellow VW Bug back home
2 jobs that I normally love
a posse of men I can call up to help strangers move
a hard time saying no, though I'm getting better
a new found love for myself and therefore others
an unrelenting idea that there's always a solution
more dreams than I can carry out in this life



I hope you enjoy some of the photos from my adventure so far