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because this goes beyond religion to the very reality you were made for.


cur·rent WriT·INGS  |  de·sign  |  a·bout A·BRAM


Cur·Rent Writ·ings

With a blend of curiosity, wondering, discoveries from the Bible and life with God, we'll talk about the great adventure that is life the way God intended it.

The Glory of God is man fully alive
— St. Irenaeus


If it's creative, I enjoy doing it. My specialties are graphic design for web and print, social media marketing, front-end development, and photography.


- About Abram - 

I'm a dreamer, a lover, an idealist, a futurist, a creative, a follower, and a friend. I'm a lot of things we have titles for, but strip it all down to find what's left—who I really am after seasons and years and cities and nations—I'm loved by God and I'm discovering how to live with Him. I'm on a journey that is ambiguous for the nearsighted yet clearly defined in retrospect—becoming fully alive. It's predictably unpredictable to me in the moment but always leads to where I want to be, even before I know where that is. I often share about the process of finding and living the life Jesus has paid for—the abundant life.

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